Saturday, 11 January 2014



Performance videos to be posted via performer websites. 



Reppin' SHAHdjs: Willis Lombard
Reppin' Sweet Soul: Crystal Precious, Cherry OnTop (& Baby Rad)

Hive Climbing Gym Owner / Venue Manager: Andrew Coffey
& special thanks to all the Hive Gym Staff - SO GRATEFUL for your wonderful space. 

Sound & Lights: Application Audio - Darby Peterson & Douglas Rutka

Production Assist & Party MVP: Kristan Miller

Photography: Vasho Photography & Thom Hamilton Photo Booth
Video: Sebnem Ozpeta & Ruhamah Buchanan

Thanks to Mike Wearing w/ Che & Security Team
Front of House & Coats: Martin Lunatech, Claire & Olivia w/ Mike Awesome
Waiver Team: Michele Nadeau & Sarah Fahina

Bar Team - Manager Jason “El Jay” Crockford
Meg Pants
Villainy Loveless
Eron Carruth
Nicole Boileau

Stage & Entrance Design/Installation: Pierce Jordan

Carpentry & Rigging Team:
Mike Awesome
Jesse Bobby
Jacob Frumlater
Devin Submerged

Signage & Transport: Daniel Taylor

Thanks to Mezzy Mez, Sarah Fahina & FDK for all their various help!

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS to JENN KILLAH, ANDREW ERADIK & JOSH KIR MOKUM for all the manual labour - above and beyond. :) 

Decor Team:
Andrea Lipsett
Paul Hendricks
Shwa Keirstead
Vanessa Juliet
Jennifer Kim
Jenni & Steve
Amanda Layne

Mirrorball Zebracorn '13 by Anna Busch

Tear Down:
Dylan Ladd & co
Terri Grassick
Saori & co
& the whole Hive crew.

Most of all, THANK YOU to everyone for coming, dressing up, being fabulous and being so good to each other. We'll be back next year! 
All our love. <3 


Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Alright, its time to get Prohibited!

The location for Moonlight NYE 2013 is 520 Industrial Avenue, about 3 blocks east of Main St @ The Hive Climbing Gym.

If you don't have a ticket we apologize... but we are completely SOLD OUT.
All volunteer positions are filled and guest list has been finalized.
We may sell tickets as ticket holders start leaving later on in the night, but we can't be sure when that will happen.  

Doors open at 10pm.

There will be a coat check for $3 per person (not per item).

BRING ENOUGH CASH. Please remember there is no cash machine on site, and the bar does not accept credit cards or visa cards.

ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. Backpacks and large bags will be searched.

Please be discerning about who you give this address to. As we mentioned this party is 100% legal (legal assembly capacity and liquor licensed) but it does go late and is close-ish to downtown.... so it's important to us that it stays on the down-low to maintain our friends and family vibe.

Thank you so so much for trusting us with your night, and for making this event possible, and for proving that Vancouver's underground continues to thrive. Always.

Huge love,

Sweet Soul Burlesque SHAHdjs

SET TIMES!! ALSO - All Volunteer Positions are now filled.

Thanks to all our Volunteers! All positions have been filled and

our guestlist is now closed.

Location to be posted at 6pm PST.

10:00PM DOORS 

10 Blenda 

10:30 OMNIKA Roving Performances

11 Woodhead

12 COUNTDOWN w/ Mousai

12:20 Max Ulis


2 J.F. Killah

3 Taal Mala

4 Willisist


Advanced tickets are nearly sold-out.. we will be cutting off

online sales when that happens
There will be a VERY LIMITED number of tickets at the door. 

Get ready to wipe your slates darlings.

2014 = ALL THE NEW

<3 <3 <3

Friday, 27 December 2013


Warm happy holiday wishes to you all! Trusting everyone has had a fabulous season and that the hustle and bustle has slowed a little to gather yourselves for the new year, the new moon, and one HELL of a fabulous start to a joyous and prosperous 2014!

TICKETS are nearing two-thirds sold out and we've had over 10K hits to our blog... GRAB EM!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR SET-UP & TEAR DOWN VOLUNTEERS! This entire event is set-up and torn down without a trace within 48 hours. We need a few more on the team to help with various small tasks. SO if you'd like to trade a couple volunteer hours for entry, please email us here! 

We're making some improvements: faster bar service, a satellite bar, a smoother entry process... and the space itself has grown and evolved over the past year. As you may have noticed, we've also kept to our decision to keep this event word-of-mouth, meaning that only those who have been privy to or given the link have access to this information. Quality, community vibes is the goal! (Also fun people who will dress-up, although that's not mandatory, but it's way better obvs). In any case, we are very excited to see you. 


DON'T FORGET, there is a large fenced parking lot if you wish to drive to the event and then pick up your car the next day, HOWEVER - DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Terminal Skytrain Station is 2 1/2 half blocks away as well as transit. We will be going quite a bit later than most events as well so hopefully cabs will be more available then as well. There will be a full coat & bag check.

PLEASE BRING CASH!! There is no ATM onsite.  

Really looking forward and feeling grateful to have an opportunity to stir up some good ol' fashoined trouble. Very pleased that this is essentially a large-scale collaboration between people who have spent years working at this in our community--- decor, performance, sound, operations, woodworking...  it's not JUST about the DJs, although of course, in our humble opinion, the fine men and women in charge of selecting the music are second-to-none. But we try very hard as always to properly cover the old-school reasons of why people love parties: unconventional space, fabulous people, good music, safe, fun, playful, magic vibes and lots of room for interaction as well as dancing! 

Help us welcome the newest member of Sweet Soul Burlesque!
Melody Mangler will be performing at Prohibitions.

On that note, let us leave you for now with this write-up from our sound team for the night, Application Audio, who will be providing us with an incredible 20 000 watts of crystal clear, firm, full sound: 

"In the last 5 years the name Application Audio has earned a reputation for delivering incredible sound quality to dance floors and stages across western Canada and into the States. Application Audio has become integral to audio crews at world-class music festivals like Shambhala, Burning Man, and Basscoast. Working with such brand names as PK and Funktion-One, the owners Doug and 
Darby, have given their hearts and souls to the Application Audio project, and are successfully chasing their dream. To them this is more then a production service, or a sound system. It is everything they love. It is their life’s purpose. It is a gift. Their passion is the not so secret ingredient to the sound quality they are known for. While the gear is important it is not the reason you will fall in love with their work. The years of gratitude they have been shown by their community has fueled an unstoppable fire inside of them to grow and better their abilities. Their life’s mission is to master the art and science of creating the vibe that gives us all goose bumps. “



CP, Willis, Cherry & the Prohibitions team

Thursday, 28 November 2013


"WE, the Sasspots, WE who live beneath this shiny new city of ports and shores, between these streetlights and steel-interrupted sunsets.... WE, in the shadows of this retracting spaceship landscape... WE of these tall jags of high cement towers and bottomless pits, the digging of which rattle our spines and hearts.... WE of the cracks and crevices between the swept streets and the empty recycle bin promises... WE of the dim lights and glittering eyes and low sounds... WE, who see and hunt and live for the simplest of beauties – WE, the Sasspots, do declare a very necessary night of wild abandon FREE of prying eyes."

JOIN US as we step through mineshafts into the caves of the deep city belly... delving low and far enough that we unlock the spirits of the UNDERGROUNDS PAST. Gold rush miners, can can girls, and SALOON courtesans; flappers, dames and SPEAK-EASY mobsters; travelling CIRCUS performers and luscious OPIUM DEN velvets; rowdy and vivacious off-duty tradesmen, sailors and steam workers; golden era BACKLOT starlet-wannabes, vintage pin-up centrefolds, and of course, BURLESQUE STRIPTEASERS.

They always knew how to have the most fun. And it almost always had to be in secret. 

Let's remember together. Doors at 10pm... we go LATE. 


'Prohibitions' Image by Tessa Rand 
Original photography of Tristan Risk by Ed Araquel
Text & Layout by Myles O'Leary